Formed in 2004, Blood Tsunami incarnates the old thrash vibe from the 80ís classic German scene and Bay Area thrash, with a newer rockin' edge.

After a demo, a series of gigs and line-up changes, the band came into full form the spring 2005, when the line-up was completed with the addition of drummer Faust (ex-Emperor, Aborym and Scum). The quartet was now: Pete (guitar/vox), Dor (guitar), Bosse (bass/backing vocals) and Faust (drums). The band was establishing their own identity through the initial rehearsals and it was soon evident that this was going to be a stable and strong line-up.

During summer 2005 the band recorded a second demo, showing off a mature and tight band. The demo got extremely good feedback and the band did several gigs in Norway and built a good reputation in the Norwegian scene.

On background of this demo the band started searching for a record deal and during the summer 2006 Blood Tsunami inked a 3-album deal with the mighty Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records. Work began in Lion Heart Studios in September 2006 and two months later the recording process was finished. The result is "Thrash Metal", the bandís debut assault on the international metal scene. As the title indicates, this is full blooded, uncompromising thrash metal. Pete's and Dor's shredding guitars and outstanding leads makes a massive wall in the soundscape. Bosse is steadily pumping the bass and the relentless drumming of Faust is in usual wicked manner. Lastly; Pete's fierce vocals mixed with Bosse's death growls underlines the brutality of the music.

The band look forward to unleash this thrash assault and it will be a clear indication that old school thrash metal very much so have a raison d`etre in the metal scene.

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